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My name is Pat and I created this business because I truly enjoy helping others and seeing their joy.

I have been a New Hampshire resident most of my life. I was born here, but spent many years exploring different parts of the United States. I use the expression going full circle – well here I am back in New Hampshire again, now in Concord. I have lived here since 2007 and plan on staying.

My business encompasses many different ventures, including creating all-natural, chemical-free soaps and other skin products. I began this aspect of the business five years ago out of sheer necessity. One by one, I became allergic to lip balm, then moisturizers. I had to do something, so I took it into my own hands and began creating products. After testing and testing for a long time I came out with my Lip Balm and Skin Softener. As time passed, I thought, well I might as well make soap too!! Over the years, I have expanded my product line, which is largely due to feedback from my loyal customers. They are the best! I take their reasonable suggestions, put them to the test, and create.

Around the same time I began creating soaps, lips balms, and skin softeners, the economy wasn’t doing so great and I got laid off from my job. After receiving multiple phone calls and questions from friends and acquaintances who needed computer support, I decided to expand my business. Using my multiple-years of programming and IT experience, I began doing freelance computer support.

In addition to staying very busy with making skin products and providing computer support, I also offer soap-making classes (at my home or yours), sewing classes, and organizational help. You can visit the various sections on my website to find out more, or you can contact me if you have specific questions.

Thanks to all my customers and keep those suggestions coming!!!
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