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Computer Services

About Us

We have over 20 years experience

in computer services,
from computer software repair

to business solutions
as well as web sites and programming.
I am the sole proprietor of this company

and have many years experience working with people who use computers

as well as those who want to learn how to use them and know how to solve their problems and fulfill their needs.
We strive ourselves on great, no awesome customer satisfaction.
We will do the best we can to resolve your problems if we can not we will be honest with you and hopefully refer you to someone who can.
Our company goal is to be happy and
help make the busy in life more convenient with our....

FREE Pick up & Delivery service.

From your home or place of business
whatever is convenient for you we will work with you.

FREE Pickup and Delivery Service!!!


I am constantly trying to help in my community.

In this day and age we all need to work together to keep above water.

I volunteer in the community where I can help and encourage others to do the same.

When you are at the grocery store next time pick up an extra...


bar of soap

laundry soap


Yes there are food stamps and etc. but what those who have not been there do not know is these services do not cover basic needs like soap and all health and beauty products.

So I do my best to provide the H & B products needed.

Ocean State Job Lot lust opened here in Concord, NH and they have lots of H & B products for less. Shampoo for $1 bottle, Ivory soap 10 bars for $4 and lots more so please help when you can.

If you do not know where to drop off donations here is a link that might help.

Concord NH Assistance Handbook

I would also be glad to pick up and drop off donations for you if that helps.

Products for

Body & Mind

I have been developing Health and Beauty products due to necessity.
Over the years I have had so many issues with store bought products even those who say organic and natural.
Pass it on to your friends.

Exczema od Psoriasis got you down,

try my soap it might help. If you have allergies to soap etc try mine before you give up on great soap.

There are no chemicals added.

Yes I have a good friend who uses it and he is so happy to be able to use wonderful scented soap again.

Come by the market and smell them all you will be addicted instantly!!

Ingredients used are all natural and when I can I use organic.

No animal products are used in my soap.

Check out my Inventory!

I BARTER for Services!! Just ask.